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Fredericksburg Ductless Mini Split Systems

Installing, Repairing & Servicing Ductless Mini Split Systems in Stafford, King George, Caroline & Spotsylvania

There are several homes in Fredericksburg that are not structurally sound to be compatible with a traditional HVAC system or window units. However, this does not mean that homeowners need to rebuild their entire house to be comfortable with reliable AC.

Ductless mini split systems are an excellent solution for any house or apartment. These units are perfect for bedrooms, sunrooms, basements, and any other room in the house where a central heating and cooling system can’t be installed.

In addition to being easy to install, these ductless mini split systems take up only a small space on the wall. Therefore, ductless mini split systems are the top choices for residential properties where normal ductwork can’t be installed.

Thanks to the extensive experience, knowledge, and skills of our team at Delmarva Aire, Inc., you too can enjoy the advantages of Fredericksburg ductless mini split systems.

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Why Choose Our Ductless Mini Split Services

In contrast with traditional HVAC systems, ductless mini split units are easy to install as they are minimally invasive. Our team at Delmarva Aire, Inc. can install them without having to take apart your entire home just to add large ducts, which are also prone to gathering dust and require extra maintenance.

A key advantage of ductless mini split systems in Fredericksburg is that they also allow the ability to have multiple climate zone control. This means you can control the temperature for each split with a remote control, and do not have to change the temperature for the entire house.

In other words, you and your family will no longer have tiresome arguments about whether the temperature is too hot or too cold. If you are looking for flexibility and true comfort, mini splits are the system for you.

Usually, the fact that ductless mini split systems consume around 30% less energy than regular HVAC systems means that they are much more efficient, and thus less susceptible to damage and leakages. However, if you happen to have an issue with your mini split system and need rapid repairs, or if your old system has stopped working and you need a new installation immediately, our trained team is ready to assist.

Benefits of Mini Split Systems

There are multiple advantages of choosing mini split systems, besides the fact that they are just so flexible to fit the needs of every household member.

Some of the other benefits which you will gain from having a mini split installed in your Fredericksburg home include:

  • Increased savings with low cost of installation since there is no need to install expensive ducts.
  • Decreased utility bills with mini splits systems’ superior efficiency.
  • Improved air quality so you and your family can breathe more easily.
  • A diminished carbon footprint on the environment.

Delmarva Aire, Inc. services a number of neighborhoods in Virginia, including Fredericksburg, Stafford, King George, Caroline, and Spotsylvania. Call us today at (540) 579-5585 or contact us online to install your ductless mini split system today!

Powerful Professional Services

Delmarva Aire, Inc. understands the extensive benefits of these great units and customizes our Fredericksburg ductless mini split system services to ensure you receive them all for your home. Our team makes sure that both the indoor and outdoor units of your ductless mini split system remains efficiently functional and keeps you comfortable during the entire year.

Over the years of being in the HVAC industry, we have come across all kinds of ductless mini splits and can work with all makes and models. Additionally, our services are not just limited to installation, as we also provide repair and maintenance to keep your unit running smoothly for a long time.

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    “The cost was very reasonable and I have decided to have a twice a year maintenance to keep my system performing well during both the hot and cold seasons.”

    - Trudy V
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    “Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value”

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    “Josh is amazing! Incredibly professional but also extremely kind. He listens and treats you like a person not a number. He also doesn't overcharge!”

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