3 Things to Check Before You Call for AC Repair

AC repair

Your AC is running but it won’t reach the set temperature at the thermostat and it’s not blowing cold air. The hot summers in Fredericksburg, Stafford & Spotsylvania Virginia will put high levels of stress on your HVAC system. Before it gets hot, it is imperative to have your AC system regularly checked and cleaned to maintain peak efficiency. If your house has not cooled off or dropped in temperature within two hours of running your HVAC system, it may be time to call a licensed contractor for AC repair.

Check These 3 Things Before Calling an HVAC Contractor

1. Air Filter(s)
Whether you have one, two, or three HVAC systems in your home each one will have its own air filter(s). Some filters may be located centrally at the indoor furnace or air handler unit while some filters may be located on the wall or ceiling in a filter grill. At Delmarva Aire, Inc., we recommend using at least MERV 8 quality filters and replacing them every 1-2 months. If your air filter clearly appears to be clogged or blocked it will reduce the HVAC system’s airflow and adversely affect your AC performance or make the system freeze.

2. Breaker Panel
If you notice that your inside blower or outside unit will not run at all locate your breaker panel. Then locate the breakers for your furnace/air handler and outdoor AC units. If any of these breakers are tripped turn them all the way off and then back on again. Sometimes breakers will trip due to incoming power anomalies or surges and you may not need to call for AC repair. But if your breakers trip immediately or trip after a short period of time there is most likely a high voltage short in your HVAC system.

3. Outside AC Unit
Locate the outside AC unit and check to see that there are at least 12 inches of free space around the perimeter of the unit. If there are piles of leaves or clutter around the outside of your AC unit the airflow through the unit will be greatly reduced and may lead to the need for AC repair. Is the AC unit running at all? If you hear it running but the fan is not spinning immediately turn the system off and call for AC service. Does the outside coil look very dirty or blocked? If so, you will likely need AC maintenance to clean the coil to prevent equipment damage and improve efficiency.

At Delmarva Aire, Inc. our mission is to always provide quality service at an affordable price. The success of our company begins with the best in class service we provide to our customers. No matter the job, customer satisfaction is always our number one priority! You are not alone, even if you have a simple question our staff will happily take your calls at any time! The team at Delmarva Aire, Inc. is dedicated to helping you improve the functionality of your AC system with scheduled HVAC maintenance visits. And should the need arise, feel confident we will complete your AC repair with the utmost urgency and professionalism.

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